Remote Podcast Recording Software

Record Studio Quality Podcasts and Interviews by Sharing a Link. Nothing to Install.

With Airstudio, recording 4K video and WAV audio is as easy as sharing a link. Everything works in the browser. No downloads required and no fiddling with settings.

podcast recording software

Easy For You and Your Guests

With Airstudio, your studio is ready anytime you are. Simply share a link with your guests and hit record.

Airstudio records separate audio and video tracks for everyone in studio quality. With 4K video and lossless audio, everyone has never looked and sounded so good.

Waiting for your guests to arrive

This studio is unlocked. Anyone with the link can enter unlocked studios.

Reliable and Secure

With Airstudio, you don't need to worry about losing crucial moments. Your content is automatically saved locally and backed up to the cloud in real-time.

Recording In Progress

Backing Up to Cloud.

Built-In Workflows

Automatically upload episodes to your podcast host, notify your editor, and share clips on social media.

Start using Airstudio today.

Try Airstudio for free. Pro plans start at $12/mo.